Update to version 0.15.0

Version 0.15.0 has been released. While battling a particularly vicious cold I didn't have much energy except to doodle some robots. As a result, a handful more robots were added. In the process it was getting troublesome to test, so I added a Mecha Encyclopaedia to view robots that have been encountered in-game. It's available in the main menu under "Extras".


hero35-0.15.0-linux.tar.bz2 20 MB
Version 0.15.0 Feb 22, 2019
the-hero-arrives-in-35-minutes-osx.zip 14 MB
Version 0.15.0 Feb 22, 2019
the-hero-arrives-in-35-minutes-win.zip 15 MB
Version 0.15.0 Feb 22, 2019

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